Monday, December 22, 2014

#738 - Baseball Match at Jamsil Baseball Stadium

A must-do when you go to Korea: Watch a baseball match live.

Nevermind if you don't understand the scoring and rules, after a while, you will.
At first, I only knew homerun and felt really bored. Then slowly, the atmosphere got to me and slowly I got excited after guessing and slowly understanding the game.

We don't know which side to support so we anyhow just got one. 10000 won for one ticket and we supported 두산 (Doosan) I think.

. There were lots of people and also vendors selling food like dried octopus and chimek.

There will be a series of similar looking photos in this entry!
 The pitch where games start.

 Different sides have their respective cheerleaders to excite the crowd. LOL. Like sing cheers and then got skinny bitches w good figures dancing one.

The atmosphere was good!


 It was a little sunny at first, w the Sun in our face but our seats had the best view....

Because the Sun started to set slowly...

For a while, most of our focuses shifted to the sunset instead of the game hahaha.

 How pretty nature is. :)

 Yeah and during break time, they have this! Camera will zoom in on a couple and they'd have to kiss! I wonder what will happen if they zoom in on some siblings hahaha.

The games come to an end after close to 3 hours. The scores were really close and the team we supported won by 1 point (my memory not so good, I actually referred to my Instagram post lol)!

Jamsil Baseball Stadium
Nearest Station: Sports Complex Station, Line 2 (We initially thought it's Jamsil Station but nope, don't mix up)
Go out from Exit 5 or 6.

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