Sunday, December 21, 2014

#737 - So Pho w Hey Soul Sistaz

 Short entry tonight, featuring Hey Soul Sistaz. Posting here because I want to record down my 点点滴滴 hahaha. Actually, I just wanna let these photos see the light lah uh.

Dinner at So Pho, second time having Vietnamese cuisine and it's really 好吃. My first was given to NamNam Noodle Bar which has equally good beef noodles too. :)

So Pho's food is rather affordable!

 Simple bowl of hearty beef soup w kway teow or rather rice noodles. Those 幼幼 kind yknow. Wahhh shiok. I'd love to have this right now.

 Some sides, only interested in the skin of the middle roll. :P

Even for popiah, I only like the skin. 我很奇怪我知道.

So Pho
50 Jurong Gateway Road
JEM #B1-08
Singapore 608549
Tel 63390059

Chilled at Macs and thinking of taking a group shot.

 My candid as usual wanting to find a suitable background. I think I can appoint May to be my candid camera photographer next time. *smirks*

 我有没有看起来很用功 w my file? LOL I typed smile instead of file. ._.

 Copy paste face striked again.

WAH cropped already so blur ah. Bobian, the uncropped one has a Bangladeshi sitting rather unglamly. :(

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