Saturday, December 20, 2014

#736 - Hongdae I

Visited Hongdae for shopping back in Korea too.
In fact, I went there twice, this entry part one only haha.

There are much more shopping you can do here (I feel) and this place has more youngsters as well haha.
 Lol dick face and boobs body. And that poor person whose face is gone.

 There are lots of alleys selling a variety of items like clothings, skincare and... FOOD.

Korea is known for beer and chicken (chimek) so we headed to Kyochon Chicken for lunch! Took us a while to locate the place and I can't remember the way there too. :/


Left the guys to settle what to eat because it's just chicken, don't need to think so much lol.

Er I think we ordered some soy one and chili de but they forgot to serve the chili. Actually is just normal chicken then they drizzle the chili sauce la.. ZZZ. Ended up they gave us the sauce we zi ji lai lolol.

Not really tasty leh? Like not salty enough, I think KFC nicer. :X

Street art LOL.

 Hongik's Children Park, where every Saturday, there will be a free market. Yeah free market, I never type wrong, things are not free though haha.

The booths set up mostly sell crafts and also there are people who will paint caricatures and self-portraits! Probably a good place to get a unique souvenir for your loved ones?

Saw Hongik University too! Hongdae's train station is Hongik University Station hahaha.
One thing I must say, Korea really has a lot a lot of universities.

Nearest Station: Hongik University Station, Line 2

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