Saturday, December 20, 2014

#735 - Lotte World

School trip to Lotte World one random sunny day! To be honest, I am not a fan of thrilling rides because (I think) my heart cannot take it lol. I conquered Revenge of the Mummy and Battlestar Galactica in USS 2 years ago though lol.

 The theme park is like situated next to HDB flats (I assume) so the feeling was very different? Hahaha.

They say that Lotte World, compared to Everland (which I didn't go if not sure waste money) is more targetted to families, so the rides are more friendly. Hello, look at the ride on top? Where got friendly??!

My kind of friendly rides are that go SLOWLY round and round lolol. #noob

Only did one thing in the place, watched some 4D video which left me feeling dizzy. Not worth the time to queue!

LOL sorry guys. You two were willing when we saw this art pieces in the gallery at Lotte World. This photo needs to see the light? Hahaha.

Lotte World
Nearest Station: Jamsil Station, Line 2 or 8
Go out from Exit 4.

Being lousy at taking rides, some of us left earlier and then we saw Krispy Kreme which were super cheap here compared to Singapore?
Like 1300won for one I think, that's around $1.60? Singapore's $2.60 for one lehh. D:

Even got a super cute mug which I brought back home wahaha.

And this is a random dk where to insert photo of a meal at Myeongdong one random day.

And their weird English... 你在讲什么?

*abrupt end*

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