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#759 - Taiwan 2014 Day 2 - Jiufen Old Street (九份舊道) / Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布公園) / Shifen Station (十分車站)

Day 2 of Taiwan, let's go!

Woke up early because we wanted to head to Jiufen and Shifen!

 Free Mos Burger breakfast during the hotel stay.
I think this is peanut butter and pork cutlet, very interesting combination I must say.

Waiting for the train at 台北車站 to go to 瑞芳車站.

We opted for the no-seat number one which is cheaper. This means you don't have any specific seats and if you happen to find one, good for you! Sucks to be you if you happened to sit down already and then someone comes up showing your seat number on their ticket. You have to give up your seat haha.

 We boarded a bus which was about a few minutes away from the train station, I can't remember the bus number but there are helpful customer service assistants there so when in doubt, just ask!

We also purchased train tickets for Shifen, where the train goes via the Pingxi line (平溪線) if I recall correctly.

Pretty view along the way! Spot the monastery! 

Got off the bus at somewhere near Jiufen (pretty easy to know, just alight when you see a huge group alighting haha) and had to walk a bit up the slope to get to Jiufen Old Street, 九份舊道.

阿芬的店. KEKE.

 Jiufen is basically slopes w shops on both sides which twists and turns, selling a lot of souvenirs, random food and many teahouses, a bit more to the traditional side I feel.

My friends recommended this popiah look-alike w peanut filling, icecream and parsley. Ya you read that right.

花生卷 + 冰淇淋 (NT$40)
 I am not a fan of parsley, I hated the taste but I wanted to give it a try.
But after eating, I realised the person didn't added parsley to mine. ._. She didn't even ask me lahh hahaha.

The other time I tried again (which was in Singapore at Taka Food Basement, they had some Taiwan fair), I made sure the one I had was w parsley added and it was good leh. Like somehow the taste of it went well together with the icecream and peanut fillings. (Y)

 山猪肉香肠 (NT$40, 3 for NT$100)
 Tasted exactly like those SGD1 ones you get at the Pasar Malam haha.

Stopped by this eatery for some warm food, it was quite cold up at Jiufen.
Thought that there were a lot of photos w famous celebrities, but if you look closely, most of them are just narcissistic shots of the 老板娘 herself lol.

 卤肉饭 (NT$30)
My first of the trip but it was nothing to shout about. Guess it's not the specialty here!

 超级综合丸 (NT$100)
Consist of different kinds of balls. It was okay!

 These dogs attracted a lot of attentions, cameras all out hahah.

Last food stop at Jiufen! 
There were 2 rather famous 芋圆 eateries at Jiufen, namely 阿柑姨芋圓 and 賴阿婆芋圓,
We chanced upon 賴阿婆 first and thus settled for that.

 賴阿婆芋圓 (NT$40)
Comfort food on a cold day. :)

We walked further up and saw 阿柑姨芋圓 at a 不起眼的地方 and heard from the locals that it was better! Maybe I will try that next time even though I don't know how different it can get. Maybe the 芋圆 is more Q? Haha.

Pretty views at the top.

Bought some black coloured peanuts for le dad along the way! Hahaha. I was looking through my notes where I kept record of the stuff I spent. :D

 Honey Lemon (NT$60)
You get to keep the bottle after that, and it has a cap. Chose lilac for obvious reasons. :D

Jiufen Old Street  (九份舊道)
Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 224

 Took the same bus down!

And we went back to 瑞芳車站 to take the train to 十分.

The train rides (if you never get seats) are a torture. Squeezing w ppl standing up w v sng legs is a big nono.

 It was a Tuesday when we were there but look at the crowd. O.O A human jam.

 Some couple's 天灯 caught fire and my aunt was saying their wishes will never come true. Lol, so bad.

We followed the crowd and asked for directions along the way to 十分瀑布.

 Okay upon walking till here, 十分风景區, Shihfen Scenic Area, we headed to the right side (the side w the umbrella and bus) and continued walking to the waterfall. It was a long journey. We took about 30minutes if I am not wrong.

However, we took another route when we walked back from the waterfall to 十分車站 which had us "coming out" from the left side (the side where the woman in the red jacket is).

My advice, take the left side and walk to 十分瀑布 upon seeing this 十分风景區, Shihfen Scenic Area sign. You get to walk along the train tracks after that on the way to the waterfalls and it is SO MUCH faster. More photos about it later!

 Do take note of the timing as well!
Last entry is at 1630!

And after so much walking, may I present to you...

 The majestic 十分瀑布.

 This was my second time seeing a natural waterfall or rather waterfalls up close. The first one was Jeongbang Falls at South Korea. That was nothing compared to this. This is like waterfall x 10 or more.

So pretty Mother Nature. *.*

 Selfie stick came in handy! Please ignore my flat hair, the cold weather made it so dry and flat LOL.

Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布公園)
Opening Hours: 0900 - 1700 (Last entry at 1630)

This way the other way we took like I mentioned earlier. We headed down to the train tracks area and walked along the way back to 十分車站.

觀瀑吊橋, not for those who cannot stand shaky bridges.

Spotted 眼鏡洞 while crossing. Not very obvious here, for more obvious viewing, please google hahaha. It was too hard to take a good shot given how shaky the bridge was.

This was where we came out from taking the tracks path!

So to conclude on shortcut to 十分瀑布/how to get to 十分瀑布, while walking from 十分車站 to the waterfalls, look out for the 十分风景區, Shihfen Scenic Area as mentioned earlier in the entry and head straight on the left side of the sign (ie. the side where the woman wearing the red jacket was). Continue walking onwards and look for this small slope that goes down. You will be coming from the direction where the black car is at so remember to check your left and look back for this slope, The sign states that it will lead to 十分瀑布 and 眼鏡洞瀑布.

If you follow this route, you will end up at the suspension bridge and then subsequently the train tracks and then deng deng deng, the waterfalls. Haha.

How can we go to 十分 and not 放天灯 right!

Off it goes!

Heard that it will fly till over the mountain areas and then land there and someone will go and pick them up. Lol.

Having walked a lot that day, we were famished.

燒烤雞翅包飯 (NT$60)
Ate it greedily while waiting for the train to arrive.

Shifen Station (十分車站)

There are a few ways to get here but the route we took was from 台北車站, where we took the train to 瑞芳車站. Then we purchased tickets and alight at 十分車站!


We had many yummy food after reaching 西门町!! Stuff like 锅贴, 葱抓饼, Fried Mushrooms, Muah Chee (very Q), 地瓜球 (also very Q). No pictorial evidence because we were too hungry to care. All of them were at affordable prices ranging from NT$30 - NT$75. I love street foooood. :D

Also had the highly raved milk tea (which took me a while to get used to and like) and Yakult! Love it that it comes in such a huge bottle unlike the ones we have in Singapore.

Also spent some time shopping at their 3 storeys' Watsons!
Coloured lens w so many different patterns and degrees, a sight you will never find at Singapore's Watsons.

My loots for the night! All so affordable lah!
Dr. Morita masks which are super moisturising (I woke up w non-oily T zone lehh, should have gotten more), Ma Cherie hair products like hair serum for my uber dry and knotty (or should I say naughty instead) hair, travel sized toiletries (convert to about SGD6 for the shampoo, conditioner AND body wash, next time Imma stock up) and this 菜瓜水 which I think was introduced on 女人我最大.

Oh and lotsa Hi-Chews because only SGD0.30+ per stick!!

Ended that night w very sore feet because we walked too much, but it's good? We ate a lot too, so it kinda balanced out hahaha.

More entries soon, X

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