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#762 - New Year Resolutions for 2016

For the past 7 years, I have been diligently reviewing on my blog my New Year Resolutions (NYR) the year before and checking if I achieved them. Then I would proceed to comment on what I did or did not do and then share my New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. So I am here to share my NYRs for 2016.

Actually I did a quick scan and realised I didn't achieve much last year.

New Year Resolutions for 2015

- Higher GPA (this is gonna be my resolution till 2015) 
- Save up enough money for grad trip and also for the future (less F.A.M, friends please zidong and don't jio me out to eat, only budget one okay LOL) 
- Keep eating of fast food to a minimum (say at most twice a month?) 
- Lose 2kg
- Clear and sell away clothings I don't wear anymore and pack my bursting cupboard
- Get rid/be rid of toxic friends
- Initiate and go out more as a family (family hasn't been the close-knitted kind who has dinner together) 
- Clear all my travelogues (at least I know I will have something to strike out at the end of next year) - Be more disciplined in the things I wish to excel in
- Diligently apply beauty products

Sadly for the first NYR, I didn't manage to achieve it as my overall GPA decreased by 0.1x. :(

Saving wise I do try, but I ended up borrowing money from my brother for grad trip (lol so kelian one) but now that I am working, I managed to clear the debts! πŸ‘ Less F.A.M. yes that is quite true, although I still do indulge once in a while. So I guess this NYR is like half completed?

I am sorry but I totally forgot about this fast food NYR. I don't remember having it a lot though.. Maybe only when it was Twister fries season and I maxed out the amount. πŸ˜‚

Erm instead of losing 2kg, I gained 3kg wtf. Like that 2016 I must put "Lose 5kg" already is it. OTL

Partly done on this NYR! Managed to post up most of the items I want to sell up on Carousell! Have yet to pack my cupboard though. Omg I get lazier now that I have started work. Mon-Fri when you reach home you just feel like nua-ing. Sat-Sun only time to sleep and rest you just feel like nua-ing. I be gudetama sua.

Say easy do difficult. Some friends are just too close w you and not the type you get rid. Sometimes you just accept them for who they are and if they do those toxic shitz, heck or just steer away before you get like influenced/irritated lor.. Fuck care is one of my 2016's NYR. 😎

I didn't do this. 😭 My family seldom do dinners outside or even together at home because all of us have different schedules. That is so sad. Thinking to maybe bring them out for a dinner treat soon.

I just slapped myself w the words in the parenthesis lah. Only managed to blog till Day 4 of my Taiwan Dec 2014 Trip. πŸ‘ Have not even sorted Hong Kong May 2015 photos yet. Need to stop procrastinating. Oh god. All my NYR like so incomplete thus far. 😳

Didn't really learn much new things I would like to excel in... unless you count learning how to read Korean words. I self learn from those websites online and it was really fun. 😁 Wish to take up Basic Korean lessons soon but they are so expensive!

Oh oh this one I got follow! πŸ™‹ I apply like cleanser > toner > eye cream > moisturiser > serum > sunblock every morning and cleanser > toner > eye cream > moisturiser > mask (when I have the time) > essence or serum or sleeping mask every night. Oh and I exfoliate w black sugar scrub plus purged my blackheads/whiteheads and then bua clay mask once a week too.

*pats myself on the back* This one highly can overshadow the others one right. 😁

Although my NYRs were like mostly incomplete, it was still a rather good year. I was quite lucky lah, like I got lucky 20+ times in lucky draws this year and also managed to get a job in a place doing things suitable for me. All in all, it is not bad already. Looking forward to the New Year!!

New Year Resolutions 2016

- Pick up a new skill
I want to learn how to knit! Going to buy basic knitting tools and learn from my colleague how to knit. She showed me her projects which include stuff like scarves, mittens, baby shoes and beanies! Excited to know how to make my own unique beanies la! I wanna be those grandma next time knitting clothes for my grandchildren keke.

- Save up
Have plans to go on holidays w friends after I am being confirmed for my job and am entitled to the company's benefits! Currently looking at Boracay and New Zealand. And New Zealand air tickets for budget airline is about SGD800+ already, so I really need to save up man. Other than saving for the trip, it is also for saving in general! Shall not spend unneccesarily anymore!

- Keep fit
I want to like exercise at least 2 times per week? Maybe run once a week and take up cardio lessons like Zumba or strength conditioning lessons like Pilates! This also helps me to keep my weight from rocketing up since I am burning calories as I worked out which comes to my next NYR...

- Lose weight
5kg seems a little too much so 4kg it shall be. πŸ˜‚ I want to cut down on my sugars and salt intake. I want to able to fit into some shorts/skirts that feels tight at my thigh/waist areas. I want to have η“œε­θ„Έ! Should I be ambitious and try BBG again? Boracay trip's is in May so I wish to condition my body so that I will not look like a penguin standing next to le skinny bitch friend Raine. πŸ˜‚'

ζˆ‘δΌšεŠͺεŠ›ηš„. πŸ’ͺ I have a source of motivation already.

- Sleep early
I wake up at 615am during weekdays so getting to bed before 12am is a must. My 2016 aim is to head to bed by 11pm latest! That gives me about 7hrs+ of sleep which is not exactly perfect but better than 6hrs or less! Been sleeping at 1130pm lately to condition le body. I will work harder hahaha.

- 保养 more
As I slowly approached the year where women start to age i.e. 25, I am starting to be more aware of the need to 保养. I see fine lines forming and I get really panicky. Must really work hard here also. Don't wish to age so fast. I want to look younger than my age and not be so chao lao. πŸ˜‚ Less salt less wrinkles ahhh. But I will still have my maggie mee. 😁 Once a week maximum okay la.

- Bitch less and be less judgmental
Girls being girls always like to gossip and bitch here and there. I hope to find inner peace (ayg) and be less bitchy. Maybe give people BOD when they do something that people judge and bitch about hahaha. Like when people take those "I think I look very pretty" selfies and post on Instagram, I will not judge but just faster scroll up and see the next photo HAHAHA.

- Care/worry less
Okay this one doesn't mean like I care less for my loved ones. It's just that I shouldn't let what people do affect me that much. If they chose to be like that, let them be and it's their loss in the end not mine. Many a time, I find myself worrying for le friends who neglect their health or just spend money like they print them. I have the need to let them know what I feel is right.

Sometimes I see friends wanting to get something super expensive that is clearly not a need and I feel like just because you have the spending power, you shouldn't spend unnecessary.

Okay I understand that it is their money and they can do whatever they want but it is damn annoying when they come to me and complain they are broke after that? θ‡ͺι£Ÿε…Άζžœ. So I thought I'd give my view and hope they'd be more ι•ΏθΏ› (lol say until like I very 懂事) but nah, these words sadly always fall on deaf ears. Health is so important but many people neglect it. I don't want to be so mean but what if something bad happens in the future? I'd be like "I told you so."

That being said, I will also θ‡ͺ动 and also not anyhow spend or not take care of my health by eating so much rubbish food la. Need to practise what I preach yo. 😎 Hahaha but cheatdays/indulgences are allowed δΈη„Άη”Ÿζ΄»ζ΄»εΎ—δΈη—›εΏ«! 😜 I just feel there needs to be a limit if not how you grow old and live healthily and happily next time!

But anyway back to this NYR, I decided to fuck care anymore since words fell on deaf ears.

I may sound selfish but I don't like how I try to help someone and it is not being appreciated and the one feeling horrible worrying like shit in the end is me. Sometimes I get affected that I feel so moody. That is not what I wish for. I don't want any shit technically unrelated to me to ruin my day.

So yup, I am going to care/worry less. If someone needs a listening ear, I will still be there though! And I guess that's all for this year! Nothing special, just very typical NYRs.

Oh I forgot to add in 2 more NYRs.

- Clear my travel backlogs
Taiwan 2014/2015 and Hong Kong 2015 up on the blog by end of this year! πŸ™Š

- Bake/Cook more
I want to try more recipes! To name a few, Mac&Cheese, sushi, baked pasta, creme brulee, salmon aburi, meringue pie, chocolate lava cake, burgers etc. Hope I won't be lazy!

And... that's all for my NYRs this 2016. Hope I will able to fulfill all if not most of them!

Thanks for reading, X

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