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#763 - Hey Soul Sistaz Part I

This entry was probably last edited around November 2015, so pardon me for any cheesy-ness I felt then! Hahaha.

I realised I have not updated the Hey Soul Sistaz tag on this blog for super long even though we have been actively taking photos and while I did mentioned about outings w them on my Dayre last time and once in a while you see our photos on my Instagram, there weren't any other platforms I blogged in more details of our happenings.

So here it goes, an entry dedicated to Hey Soul Sistaz (HSS), what we have been doing for the past 2 years when we met up - which is actually nothing more than just meals, games, movies and badminton hahaha. I guessed it served as a good timeline for us as well, to see how much we have changed over the years. While I had some entries on Hey Soul Sistaz already, I found out that I missed out some while sorting the photos the whole night. 

We took too many photos and they were everywhere in my folders, be it from my camera, from my phone, from WhatsApp, from Downloads folder and from my email. It was really crazy and the anal side of me just had to make sure that all these photos that were being uploaded ended up in the HSS album I created on Picasa because the previous photos from my older HSS entries were not in this album at all, but instead in other albums where I sorted by months e.g. March 2014, September 2015. - Actually I'd like to give myself a pat on the back here for sorting/uploading my photos by months on Picasa because it made my search to retrieve all the older HSS photos so much easier.

 Also, it was also a little frustrating that when those photos were being moved the HSS album/when I uploaded whatever photos I have that did not see to the light to the HSS album, the photos were not sorted by date. And being a perfectionist, I knew I had to sort them according to date, which I did. I need a medal for this.

 Therefore, I am going to go through those I missed one by one. This entry is going to be a long one, please bear w me.

There will be a huge amount of photos in this entry because I feel that unglam photos must see the light too, so if you can't stand our faces, annyeong?

The last HSS entry was in December 2014 and it was on our trip Adventure Cove Waterpark. That trip actually happened in September 2014. Also, while sorting my photos, I realised that there were 4 occasions where I hanged out w members of the HSS (haha so ayg) before the trip to AWS which I did not mentioned about here. Well done, Miss Chua.

Using photos to form this timeline so I might miss out some stuff because I am pretty sure there are a few dates where we met up for badminton, movies (Pee Mak, Annabelle, Jessabelle, Tomorrowland, Spy, Antman, Inside Out to name a few), study dates or random dinners where we didn't take any photos like e.g. 5 December 2014 we had Arnold's Fried Chicken together, I have photos of the chicken but not of us - Not so crazy to remember the date, stumbled upon it on my older Dayre entries when I was sourcing for photos there. Oh and while typing this, I remember another one where we played this Lifeboat game at my house! Can't remember the specific date though.

So here we go:

20 February 2014 - Keeping fit w May

Back when I was more enthusiastic in keeping fit. I actually made an attempt to run once a week. Now I am just like gudetama (my current favourite cartoon character) hahaha. Weight gain is not joke. :(

Hello May, jog together soon? Brisk walk also can? Let's stop being lazy! Haha.

Those dates w/o any pictures are clickable links, stuff which I blogged about previously, for example, these two below.

19 May 2014 - May's House
I can't really remember the details of this meetup but I remember us playing some games on May's bed or using her laptop for something. Faint memories there though. I also remember we have more photos taken but I do not have them w me.

26 September 2014 - Llao Llao w May
 I remember this was the day where we first tried Llao Llao and had blueberries sauce. Never again, it was too sweet. Haha.

I think we also had Korean BBQ, K.COOK at Orchard Central, which was average only!

Oh, and I suddenly remembered there was one day where I went to have Ju Shin Jung w May (I even remembered what I wear, am I weird?) and then we also had churros at the 4th level of Orchard Central where it is now Nunsaram. Wow, my memory is pretty good huh.

I also remember that we had this awesome soft serve icecream at Shabu Sai and a quick check on my Dayre told me we had that meal on 11 June 2015! Proves that we meet up more than pictures tell and that I have no friends HAHAHA.

10 October 2014 - Dinner w May and Sourheart
Shark was busy that day and we 3 met at town to have dinner and then headed to Orchard Central to chill which resulted in a series of photos by some fountain. Being considerate, I have decided to set these images to Large instead of Extra Large so that anyone reading wouldn't have to scroll that much to skip this date on the timeline... if anyone has even read till here, that is. I know you are, May. HAHAHA.

 Extra Large for this because this was one of my favourites out of the lot. :)

Well well, give yourself a pat on the back if you ever scroll till here. Thank you for persevering.

We discovered a pretty nice background for taking full body shots and thus made use of Sourheart's 21mp phone and spammed. :D

We are really that crazy.... or rather embarrassing. I can't believe we took so many walking shots there. Thank goodness it was quite late that night and there weren't many people walking past.

 Lol tryna imitate Kang Gary. OTL

V aware my height like same as them when they are both in sandals and sneakers but me... Hahaha and I was actually gonna fall back in this photo.

14 December 2014 - Hey Sherlock Sistaz
Title credits to May.

I had some coupon in a school's goodie bag and suggested my fellow HSS to join me on an adventure HAHAHA. It was those escape room style where we'd have to solve clues and figure out the next steps to escape in a limited time.

 We were first served tea and biscuit while the in-charge briefed us about our mission.

We spent the next hour solving clues and working together. Managed to solve it within the limited time even though we had to ask for clues a few times haha. First timers, please give chance.

Took some photos at the photobooth later w their props!
 Sourheart so cute hahaha.

 Love it that the staff took a lot of candids!

 Saw this ball writing event and we just had to do it. Wrote a lot of rubbish HAHA.

Proceeded to find good backgrounds for our full body shots.

We take finding good backgrounds for full body shots very seriously lolol.

 Monochrome theme that night if you haven't realised. This is our very first themed get-up.*coughs* Do not judge. It's still better than couple outfits okay. *defensive*

 11 February 2015 - Sourheart's Birthday
Wonderwoman. *smirks*

I remember writing a story using the photo below in our WhatsApp chat, let me go dig.

We surprised her w the cake and there was one blur photo where she looked like she's expressing "Oh my you guys shouldn't have..."

 "Fine, I shall hold it."

 "Wow that's pretty. It's wonderwoman just like me."

"I wish w all my might to get a hot and handsome bf!"

 "Are we done w this?"

 "Aww, you guys are the sweetest!"

BABE w her birthday cake! :D

We had Kickboxing session that day which explains for her attire.

21 March 2015 -  Operation: Neon Green / Cafe Mondo
I had some coupon again from a friend and we went on a mission again.

This time round, we didn't really like the mission and the clues given to us were bad (in the sense it made things worse) but in the end we managed to solve it despite exceeding the time limit.

There were many different tag boards for you to use for phototaking haha.

This time we went Floral/Fauna, but it wasn't very obvious unless we state it. So this theme get-up idea is still not too overboard yea? *still defensive* Hahaha.

We also had dinner together at Cafe Mondo. Extracted contents from my Dayre.

Foccacia Beef Mondo
Best main out of all. Salivating thinking of its taste. Really 很好吃. The bread was also nice lahhh. Initially I did some "research" and this was highly recommended but I changed my mind there. Too many choices offered hahaha.

Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Beef
The mac and cheese taste normal and the beef cubes were just er beef cubes lor. Very dry. Nothing to shout about.

 Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Beef Mondo
This was yummy! The sauce was 够味 for me. A little like Beef Bolognese. Shiok ah. Should have ordered this for sharing!

 Waffle Beef Burger
This was soso. Actually I thought Mac's beef patty was better. This was a little dry. I quite like the savory waffles (went well w the mustard) but I was the only one who thought this way haha. Their tomato slices were nice!! Didn't have the too-tomato-ey taste? Lol. Don't know how to describe!

Highlight of the day, here for their icecream!!

We had:
Spicy Apple Crumble
Passionfruit and Lemon Curd
Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch
Vintage Strawberry and Cream
Lemon Sorbet

We actually ordered Spicy Apple Crumble but they gave us Vanilla so I went to the counter to inform (where my friends felt paiseh, nothing wrong to request mah, not like I made a scene, I spoke nicely lol) and they gave us a separate scoop of the Spicy Apple Crumble. So we had 7 scoops in the end hahaha.

And I love all the icecream we ordered except maybe the chocolate and the vanilla one.

 Oh! While reading my Dayre entry on this day, I found out that this was the day we played Lifeboat at my house. Hahaha. Just saying.

11 April 2015 - Studying in NUS w May
Cui faces studying for our last semester! But good old times, nice library to study in and also love to countdown to the next meal there hahaha.

15 April 2015 - Coloured Flashlights before Kickboxing
May bought a film camera which came w detachable coloured flashlights thus I attached it on my camera and snapped away.

 Featuring our model friend, Sourheart haha.

 Red alert: She is angry and annoyed.

 W ma cool friend, May hahaha.
The lights made Subway look like some KTV lounge.


I just kept snapping away, the other Kickboxers probably rolling their eyes away but heck!
So fun w those lights!

7 June 2015 - Malay Wedding w Sourheart

Attended the wedding of Shark's brother! More details on my Dayre! Shared quite a bit on the wedding there.

Then a week later, I met up w Shark and Sourheart for badminton and Shark told me her brother and sister-in-law read my entry. :O I didn't even tag anything except for hashtags like glutton4lyfe, popzbride (lol), paparazzi. I am thankful that all I recorded there were good things not bad ones?? It's so scary how an innocent entry on my day at a Malay wedding can get to the married couple's eyes.

Anything you post on the Internet is really not safe no matter what. I mean, I didn't mind that the couple read my entry, it's just I am shocked that they'd even chanced upon it. So yeah, ever since then, I kinda maintained a rather low profile (ayg) and stopped Dayre-ing that much altogether.

30 June 2015 - Nunsaram w May

I think we met to shop in town that day and we had bingsu and toast from Nunsaram that day.
Nunsaram has rather decent Injeolmi Bingsu and their Honey Toast was nice too. I actually felt that it tasted better than Xin Wang's and After You's.

 LOL probably gonna regret doing this a few years down the road HAHAHA.

3 July 2015 - Back to Kranji Secondary School
Accompanied May back to our 母校 because she wanted to collect some dinner tickets.

 W Mrs Ram! :)

We were so unlucky to meet someone we didn't want to meet that day. Was just saying can't be so 巧 we will meet our Mr Potassium Hydroxide. But we did.

Mrs Ram announced our presence loudly. OTL And he apparently forgot my name hahaha. Not like it's important he remembers. Bahhh.

23 July 2015 - Dinner at JEM

Theme that night was yellow/cream/beige hahaha. Again, we didn't wear till the theme was THAT obvious so okay lahh. Finally a full attendance meet up after months!

Warning: A series of neon yellow coloured photos ahead, same same but different.
 I have no idea why Picasa loves to make collages/gifs for me whenever I upload a batch of photos but hey this is not bad ah, although the lightings in the photos differed a little since I edited some of them.

Basically summarised what happened when we took photos. Thanks to the nice fellow who helped us take burst shots! :)

So funny, can't get over how Sourheart's top is of a similar shade to the background. Plus the background fitted our theme too! ;)

Met up w May for dinners also before our next full attendance meet up. Lol, we damn no friends??? Suck our lives HAHAHA.

27 August 2015 - Dinner at JEM

Yes, JEM again because it was more accessible for all of us!
Our theme today was Midi but all of us failed except for Sourheart hahaha.

 LOL. #stupidthingswedo

 ROFL, while trying to find a good background.

11 September 2015 - Inside Out / Badminton / Saboteur / Limbang's Mcdonalds
No group photos but just for recording purposes.

I also voted for my first time ever!! Just saying haha.

25 September 2015 - Genki Sushi / Nunsaram w May and Sourheart
Only the three of us because Shark was overseas then!

 My first time at Genki Susi and I love it!!!

Finally trying it after many jios by May. Hahaha. Now I know why. But then, can only eat when you have the money. The prices are slightly steeper than Nihon Mura. I didn't remember having a lot of items but I spent close to $20 there. :O

I love the items I ordered, especially the Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna!

The sashimi in Spicy Salmon/Tuna were in chunks?? Then there were onions in them also. *salivates*  The last photo I took of food at Genki Sushi that day because I was too hungry. Lol.

And their chawanmushi was nice too. The croquettes were not bad and came w kewpie mayo!

We then proceeded to Nunsaram to chill and then we were told that we had to wait up to 50mins - 1 hour for their bingsu. :O At first I thought I heard wrongly. I wasn't. We waited though, because TGIF!

We ordered Injeolmi Bingsu and Honey Toast like the previous time! Still loving the bingsu, but the Honey Toast was weird, they didn't use the chocolate sauce like the other time and the whipped cream was very jelak for me! May and Sourheart enjoyed it though!

Also took some videos, some credited to May! :)

We are not bullies okay!! Hahaha. And yes to more videos next time!

8 October 2015 - Dinner at JEM
Hahaha we are so boring forever meeting at the same place.

 Our theme that day was Blue if you haven't guess it already! Hehe.

So yup, that concludes all the meetups I have to date with my fellow Hey Soul Sistaz that I have missed. This photo is so apt, it's like the slapping thing people do on TV to signify end of filming hahhaa.

We have been hanging out together since Secondary 3, 15 years ago?

That's about 8 years ago!! Gonna insert a cheesy cliche quote here:

"If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime."

Hope it will be so for us too. :)

And w that, I hope I will continue updating the Hey Soul Sistaz tag here everytime we meet up so that they won't accumulate again like now. Haha. Stay tuned for Part II!

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