Friday, December 26, 2008

#14 - What's wrong with me today?

Firstly, I had this weird dream today.

I dreamt that there were 50plus animals lying on the grass at my house downstairs. There were 1 cow, 1 sheep, many cats and a few dogs. After watching those animals for a while, I saw 2 cats being run down by a car. Before they died, they shrieked, "Kitty Ow."

OMG, I think I am crazy to dream such stuff.

Secondly, I boarded the wrong bus home today. I was supposed to take 190 to the interchange, but as I was talking on the phone, my mind was blank and I took the first bus that came along. 960. It turned at the corner and it was then I realised I boarded the wrong bus. So I hurriedly pressed the bell and alighted at the following busstop. Luckily, I called dad and he went to fetch me.

What's wrong with me today? ):

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