Tuesday, December 23, 2008

#12 - Nothing better to do

ade: I will relink you asap okay. (: Hahah, and I tagged you regarding Edward Cullen's fans le. :D

Emilia: Where got? The patrick part is it? You missed him by 2days lo, so wasted! ):

yuxuan: Haiyo, just RElink me lo, then just click can le what. Lazy lah. TSKTSK.

afiqah: Haha, I will try to go, Idk whether I am like working on that day or something. :C Hahah, so you are really anti-Twilight. The first person I know who hates Twilight so much. :O

Salihin: Hahah, that means you are now still in Malaysia. I want present! :DD This skin of course nice lah, look at the owner! (: Anyway, you know the words on top change everytime you come to this blog?

Oh God, am I like crazy or what? I am like blogging almost everyday!

Seems like I've caught a blogging bug or something, I just feel weird when I didn't update for one day. ZZZ.

But come to think of it, when I'm using the computer, other than bloghopping and blogging, I have nothing much to do. Most of my friends are working and usually there's no one to talk to online. ):

So I found a new interest. No I found 2 new interests.

Neopets! I am back to playing it, very no life I know. -.-

And this!


You need not remind me how old I am for I know I am sixteen currently. I need something fun to do online, any recommendations?

Anyway, 'shopping' with mum today, I got a WHITE polo tee, a WHITE cardigan and lastly and most surprisingly, my mum told me to get a pair of WHITE shades for no particular reason. So I bought it lo. All white. -.-

Tilt your head peeps, lazy to turn it back. :D (the sparkle is by my camera's flash)

31 dec 2008, I hope all SHRIMS are free, pray hard alright, COUNTDOWN PARTY! :D

As stupid as it may sound, I find myself falling for you over again.

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