Tuesday, December 14, 2010

#325 - JJC Prom Part II

Blogging Part II of JJC Prom now!

*takes in a deep breath*
Here goes! :)

Some photos credit to Lynette, Fadhilah and Huiyi.


 09S22! ♥♥♥

Wanna cry when I blogging now!
Can't believe all of these class things are coming to an end!
Was kind of regretful I didn't really mix well with the class.
We must really meet up soon peeps!
I will miss all of you!

 And then there's The (Doh) Bitches where I spent the whole of my 2 years in school with! ♥
Without them I'd have no friends in school!
Thanks for being there always! :)

Raine aka Babi, one of The (Doh) Bitches!

Friends for 13 years and counting!
Know each other since kindergarten.
Same kindergarten, same primary school, same secondary school and same junior college!
Hate to say this but I think we're fated!
Great friend to have and you can always count on her to be there!
Entertainment for Lynette and I everytime in school when she says or does funny stuff or things that you can never imagine her doing!

 Lynette aka Beaver (which we somehow never call), another of The (Doh) Bitches!
We only took one photo?!

Know her during OG times!
Thought she was girly and a little unfriendly!
But she's not.
Chose the same combination and the 3 of us stick together like glue ever since then.
Dependable friend and can be count on.
Will stick up for you and always be there too!
Good listening ear and also good in studies which means I can depend a lot on her!
And I think we got telepathy or some sort because we say/think of the same things in unison most of the times!

 OMG WTF I am crying already.
Dk how I will survive after typing how I feel for everybody later.
Listening to Bruno Mars's Count On Me somemore!


Omg he's so funny once you know him!
First time I met him, he introduced himself as UK and I was like yeah right. Act cool only.
But he's really UK, Sifat Ullah Khan!
Hahaha any words that comes out from his mouth you can laugh one.
Be it jokingly or serious.
I remember once when Mdm Khoo was angry with us because we did not do her homework and she was saying something like whether she ought to get all of us notebooks to write down the homework we have.
The atmosphere was super tense lah and then Sifat raised up his hand.
He asked Mdm Khoo whether she was getting the notebooks for us and how much it cost!
LOL Mdm Khoo dk whether to laugh or to scold us!
Damn funny that I remembered all the way till now!
If our class really separated I will definitely remember him!

Fadhilah aka Fads!

First time I saw her, I thought she was cold and unfriendly!
Plus her voice was super squeaky!
But she's the exact opposite!
I guess she looks unfriendly when she doesn't smile!
Will remember her by her different kinds of smells!
Everytime she'd have some lotion or perfume etc.
When I smell something nice in class, I would turn and look and she'd have something in her hands!

Min Sunn aka MS!

An overly enthusiastic guy, always volunteering for stuff!
Kinda good I guess?
Very friendly and always willing to help.
Not the kind who backstabs people.
'I can't hear what I'm thinking'.

Mun Kit aka MK!

Joined the class this year!
He was in my secondary school last time!
Maths and Chem pro, don't play playzxzxz.
Unselfish and always helpful to the weaker students!
Considerate and not proud!

Randy, one of my Project Work mates!

Don't really know him that well except that he is damn good in his studies.
Always have his quotes and inspirations thing.
And last time he would give us lollipops etc!


Joined our class this year too!
Cute and friendly guy!
It's like you talk to him won't feel awkward one lor!
Because you can talk to him about anything.
Very funny also.
Always play Bejeweled Blitz with him on his iTouch to get high scores one!

Keng Siang aka KS!

Used to be very good friends with him, Addy and The (Doh) Bitches!
But something happened.
Whatever it is, let bygones be bygones uh!
Funny and lame guy!
Thought he looks fierce intially.
Seriously, when he doesn't smile, it's like I wanna kill you.

Kumar aka 小 Mar!

Another of my Project Work mate!
And one of the few Indian friends I have.
Thought that he's a quiet guy but once you know him, he's not!
You can talk to him about anything under the sun and there won't be any awkward moments one!
And he always has a lot of funny stories to share!
Very interesting guy!

Shazwan aka 小 Wan!

You can always find him by his unique laughter!
When I first saw him, the word 'squirrel' came to my mind!
Because he has such huge eyes!
One of my Project Work mates as well!
Can talk with him about anything as well!
Friendly guy and I remember him saying something aww during class BBQ this year.
I was complaining that some people in class are free loaders and he said.
"BBQ is like that one lah, everyone happy can already."
So aww right!

Huiyi aka Mama!

Macham taitai on that day yeah!
So used to calling her Mama that now it feels kinda weird to call her by her name!
Why Mama?
Cause she gives off that motherly feeling!
Always feel protected by her.
And she's the one who always help to bond the class together.
Without her, 09S22 will be like a 盘 of 散沙 (plate of scattered sand)!


This guy is so ever popular with the girls! *see the crowfeet*
Guess it's because he's friendly and funny plus good looking!
Don't really know him well but he's a good friend I know!
And a humble guy too!
Plus he's still single!
What are you waiting for!


A very good tempered girl!
Like don't bear grudges one!
When she kena bullied, also not angry, or doesn't show!
Sometimes Idk whether to be angry or pity her!
Because she is really too good till people always want to bully her!
Very nice friend to have and considerate too.

Priyanka aka Prinky!

Used to be closed to her last year too!
I remember her always saying random stuff.
Coming up with quotations of her own.
Eg. 'Sweaty palms means you're in love'.
Totally no link and wtf yeah?


Funny guy to be with!
He kept on sharing what he knew about JJ to us because he has one more year of experience in JJ!
And used to take Cultural Studies with him because I had Higher Chinese and had to take CS lessons!
Thanks goodness for him if not I'd be bored during CS lessons!
Very funny and always telling us about his past!

A bit sad that not everyone was present here!
And I didn't take photo with Amir and Salai and Jun Wei!
Zhang and Lan weren't there too! :(

Some random photos of 09S22!

Finally done!

Next entry would be of photos with the Taekwondo peeps and random people at Prom!
Check out this space soon! :)

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