Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#326 - JJC Prom Part III

 Here's what you might have missed!
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#324 - JJC Prom Part I - Miscellaneous 
#325 - JJC Prom Part II - 09S22's Version

Okay last part of the Prom photos!

Photos with the Taekwondo peeps and other people that are hard to categorize into!

(in random order)

Kah Mei, a knowledgeable and funny girl!
Idk but she always gives me the impression she knows a lot of things I don't!

 Sufyan, the one who does the best flying side kick in the club!

B, a cute and friendly girl!

Rachel, a girl who is damn good in her Taekwondo patterns, got double for 2 times!
Pretty too!

 Yuhui, gentle and a little shy!

 Kwai Ga, Taekwondo buddy!
Same secondary school and we got closer after Taekwondo!

Christine, same-height-same-weight-as-me girl!
Always spar together one!

 Yang Jun, 老大!
Always tease him about girls etc, nice to bully.

 Johnathan, bitch-whore-slut-spongebob-lover-tkd-ftw friend!

 Jia Hua, a funny mate, always wanna show off but fail!


 Jin Tao, pro in Chemistry!

 Hakim, Twitter friend, know him towards the end of the school term!

Leuven, chattable and nice friend!

Michelle, OG mate plus quite close friend of The (Doh) Bitches!
We 4 used to be together until she chose a different combination from us!

Jolyn, OG mate!
Very kind and nice girl!

Emelia, OG mate as well!
Nicest bully ever!

Hui Xian, OG mate as well!

 Wan Ting, OG mate as well!
Used to hang out with The (Doh) Bitches and Michelle until she chose a different combination and became not that close to us anymore!

Syahirah aka Sourheart!
Good friend in secondary school, she's so cute lah!
And damn cool, she learns and knows how to speak Chinese from watching Channel 8/U dramas!

Random photo with the girls.

Mr Shane, one of the Maths Lecturer!
He's Mr Kwek but I always call him Mr Shane!
Funny guy!

Okay and this marks the end of all the JJC Prom entries!
Will update again soon! :)

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