Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#436 - Nature's Artwork

Did you see the pink sunset the other day? The sky was pink in colour!

Such a pity my view was blocked by the HDB flats.
 Nevertheless the blend of pink in the blue sky was breathtaking. :)

I could just stand and stare and go wow wow wow everytime I see one of the nature's pretty artwork.

Spot the mini rainbow I saw the other day!

Sorry I can't help but upload such pretty pictures, go away if you don't appreciate them, tyvm.

More more more!

There was this day where the sky was a fiery orange!

And when I used to work (okay making myself sound like some old person who retired), I got to see the sunset almost every single day.
It never fails to awe me.

This was taken at my house's corridor!
I love that my house can see sunrises and partial sunsets! :D

*happy sigh*

Photos taken this afternoon!
I love the gradient feel.

Simple stuff like this can calm my mind and make my mood become better.
In the future, when I grow old, I want to be able to watch every sunrise/sunset with my partner. :')

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