Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#437 - The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone)

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Part 3: Collection of the Phone

Yes I finally get to blog about this after so long!!!

Headed to StarHub Green that day to collect my free phone! :)
Raine was kind enough to accompany me, but hey, I accompanied her to Clarke Quay to get some stuff ok!

The place was mad far like at MacPherson nearer to the east area! :O

MacPherson is located at this place where buildings all around are like some factories whatev shit and Raine and I got lost despite me following Google Maps' screenshots. :(

Then we met this super kind (and goodlooking) guy who helped us locate where we were on his iPhone and then he actually asked us where we are heading to and then vaguely told us where we need to head next! So kind right!

And so, we walked and apparently we had to get to the back of a temple and walked down a super long stretch of road under the scorching sun just to get to Starhub Green!

Starhub Green, Y U NO build at somewhere more accessible!!!
Okay maybe got another easier way I just dk. :P

Spot the temple where we walked all the way from!

Finally!!! :)

So excited because cfm got air con hahahaha.

Followed instructions and took lift up to level 5!

Lift so chio and full of mirrors and Raine and I wanted to camwhore inside.
But the moment I took out my camera, a group of people entered the lift.
*Raine and I eyes each other*

First thing we saw there!
Blurred photo because I wasn't sure if phototaking was allowed! *snapandgo*

*got bolder and decided to heck care*

Went to the counter and gave them my NRIC for registration and then we waited for quite long before someone attended to us. :/

Chilling at the cool chairs while we waited.

After a while, this cute guy (yeah we were lucky to meet 2 cute/goodlooking/eyecandy material guys in a row) came with my phone! :)

*any blur photos after this, blame it on Raine's shaky hands* 

It's so freaking huge I went wow when I first saw it!

Yeah I very scared about having strings attached problems with regards to this phone and the guy told me 'No Strings Attached'!! Woohoo!!

And wth he wanted to scare me a little by telling me I had to pay a small fee and I believed! -.-

YAY!! :)

Raine joined in the fun posing with my Phone Redemption Letter.

*ends of Part 3 Chronicles*

Come back for Part 4 ok!
I know there are so many parts but I wanted a solo detailed entry on the phone itself! :)

*starts of journey to accompany Raine to Clarke Quay to get some stuff*

Lots of camwhore photos!

See the curl on the left side of my forehead!!!
Didn't even know my hair curled till like that until I took a photo!

Got look like those olden days drama fringe/sideburn not!!!
Don't believe I show you!

Hehe and if you find the above person familiar, which you can easily recognise by the mole on the forehead, yes she is 薛家燕! So young and pretty. :)

Posting another one without the curl to 'redeem myself'!

Always love taking the purple line train, cause of the train windows which make legs look long and slim!! :D


You can tell how long I took for this entry to be up by just looking at what we wore/the instax films below!
Was on the same day I went to collect SGCs with the 2 of them!

Ok at this point of time, we realised we might be wearing contacts of similar designs but of different brands which explains our eye-popping expressions! :P

Took photos using Raine's iTouch as well. :)
Don't ask me why my face so round.


o.O eye.

Ending off this entry with me and my phone!

I is happygurl92. :)

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