Thursday, October 4, 2012

#570 - Teeth

Recently got in touch with my inner self and I just feel like ranting out on this space available.

Okay just kidding, trying to ayg here.

And so I went for my yearly checkup at National Dental Centre yesterday.

Yeah, because of my stupid wisdom teeth, 4 of them, the premolar (milk tooth as you know it) which refuses to drop off and the inner canine (adult tooth which is supposed to replace my milk tooth) which is thus buried inside of my gums (wow I sound so knowledgeable). So the dentist told me technically, I have a malocclusion, 虎牙. And I always think people with malocclusion are so cute, sooo... all these while I have indirectly been thinking I am cute! ^^ HAHAHA. I am sorry, please swallow your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

After some serious discussions at NDC, I finally settled for my operation which is gonna take place during Mid-December, a few days after my birthday.
And to be honest, I am quite scared lahhh.
Because I am going to be like plucking out 3 wisdom teeth and digging (that's what the dentist said, she said "挖" :/) the inner canine out.
And all these will be performed when I am under General Anesthesia.

Haha I am sure the dentist was just doing her job of informing her patients the risk.
And the risk is really really small because this is a small operation only.
But still, the words have quite a big impact yo!
And my mum was scared I couldn't take the pain once the GA wears off and kept asking am I really sure yada.
I was like no worries, can one, faster settle also. *puts on brave front*

Ya so when the 3 wisdom teeth and 1 inner canine are settled, I will arrange a timing to meet with my orthodontist and then I need to extract my premolar and 3 other teeth because....

I am getting braces!!!!!

Actually suspense not there already lahh, since I tweeted about it yesterday and I even typed orthodontist above.

Still, yay! :D
I have been wanting to get braces for the longest time ever but my mum feels I don't need it that much.
Then this time since I am gonna settle my teeth problems, and the premolar and inner canine are involved, I jumped at the chance. ;)

Not settling outside like my brother because I thought since I sticked with NDC for all the wisdom teeth thingy, I might as well stick with them all the way.
Most likely getting them next year or smth, can't wait!!!

Okayy I know some of my friends not convinced my teeth require braces.
I have friends -_- at me when I told them I am gonna get braces.

Let me try to convince y'all.
Wa so shy, show my teeth to 大家. *blushes*

Spot the milk tooth on my right side top row, my left in this photo because I took it using webcam!

Ya and I know my teeth ain't exactly that nice looking, with the lines and all.
I have no idea why, only my brother and I have them... :(
Mum said it could be because of some baby products thingy we both ate when young.

Okay still got more but I feel very shy showing.
I look like shark like that showing my rows of teeth. T.T

And my top row of teeth all slant out one.

So braces is definitely a need not a want! :D

Another reason why I am excited about getting braces, other than having straight teeth, is that my face might actually slim down in the midst!!
Then I won't be 面包超人's sibling anymoreeeee! :D

Then I will have the perfect V 脸 like 徐若萱!!
HAHAHA I can dream righttttt. :P

On the road to straight and perfect teeth, X

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