Monday, July 4, 2011

#432 - The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone)

Part 2: The Collection of the Phone Redemption Letter

I am so 'angry' with SMU.
The reason why my Chronicle Part 2 took so long to be published is because of them!
You will know why later!

Anyway, so (I think half a month ago) I went to SMU to collect my Phone Redemption Letter!

As you may have read in The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone) Part 1,  I made a stupid mistake and ended up having to take a half day leave to drop by SMU!

Reached there early and went to the toilet and camwhore in there! :P

Actually this chronicle part 2 is a little redundant as there's not much photos.
Boo. :(

Initially there ARE photos worth uploading.
Because we (the winners of the contest) took photos with the director all posing with our letters and iPhones (when I didn't even win that -.-)!
And the photographer said he'd upload them on the SMU facebook page.

1 month plus already, I've checked their page but there wasn't any uploads as promised!
I even wrote on their wall and there was no reply ok!!! RAH.
So there's no photos for you guys to see! BOO. :(

Oh well.

Anyway, here's how the Phone Redemption letter looks like!

Stuff inside includes details on redemption of phone, authorization letter and a notepad from SMU!

And yes since SMU has links with StarHub, I have to head down to StarHub's company to redeem my phone!
See how far it is, Ubi Avenue ok!!! *faints*

Thanks to Raine for accompanying me to collect it after we collected our SGCs that day (click to view entry here)!
But I also accompanied her to Clarke Quay to get some stuff for her mum ok! :)

Okay I guess that's all!
Will blog about The Chronicles of SS (Collecting Her Free Phone) Part 3 i.e. the last part of phone collection soon! :)

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